BDL168 LocoNet Spor Optaget Detektor

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  • Cost effective occupancy detection for 16 detection sections
  • Outputs for panel mounted LEDs to display local occupancy & power zone status
  • Connect to LocoNet to transmit occupancy information to your LocoNet System
  • Detects any powered locomotive
  • Detects un-powered rolling stock equipped with resistor wheel sets
  • Add one or two RX4 Transponder Receivers (sold separately) and you can have Transponding in 8 zones. This means that you’ll know when a detection section is occupied and the unique id of all transponders in that section.
  • Ops Mode Read Back lets you read back CV Values on any section of track that is set up for transponding with BDL168 and one or more RX4s.

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